Miroir Froissé
Designer: Mathias Kiss
Year: 2008
Materials: mirror
Dimensions: Height= 90 cm
Courtesy of Gallery Armel Soyer

Armel Soyer/ presenting Mathias Kiss

Armel Soyer proposes to re-harmonize contemporary design with the arts and crafts, reinjecting ornamentation, detail, the richness of natural materials and adding poetry to contemporary design along the lines of the most outstanding achievements in the history of decorative arts.  Her ambition is to recreate a dialogue between the art object and its environment, like a twenty-first century period room. Her objective is also to reintroduce one-off decors to accompany specific projects.

Mathias Kiss is a man of tradition. He could have lived in the sixteenth century at a period when plastic arts consisted of a family, when architecture and sculpture were inconceivable without painting. Fascinated by the marvelous decorations in the history of French painting, Mathias Kiss deploys extraordinary skill and creativity. He reflects and questions past and future codes of housing.

In his work the topic of liberty is ubiquitous, as in the lines of the architectural elements of the Golden Snake cornice where classical order plays around with traditions. A brand new form of energy is granted to the architecture. 

Mathias Kiss grasped the mirror to deliver a particularly striking contemporary interpretation. With Miroir froissé the faceted relief materializes from the wall in the same way as a sculpted work of art. Like a crumpled piece of paper the shape firmly interprets a rejection of the absurdity of the anonymity of the object, the magic of reflected light and fragmented image and the beauty of a hand-sculpted bas-relief.
The Igloo seat is a functional sculpture which confirms the ambition of the artist to convene a singular and emotional volume. It deploys its nine angles like a complex dihedral or a piece of broken ice floe.

The Mathias Kiss work is built around intemporal and stylistic references, using crafting skills and contemporary experimentation.


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