Swiss Architecture Museum

Spatial Positions: Woven Wall

Within the Swiss Architecture Museum (SAM) exhibition series Spatial Positions, the SAM presents the project Woven Wall, developed by the architects and architectural researchers Michael Hansmeyer and Benjamin Dillenburger, at Design Miami / Basel 2013. 

In the future, architecture will be printed. The potential of this new technology is demonstrated through the example of a sculptural wall, a ‘woven’ wall.  In Gottfried Semper’s Theory of Clothing, the woven textile is the origin of the
concept of the wall. Now with the aid of 3D-printing techniques, even stone can be treated like a fabric. The relationship between a material and its characteristicsmust be renegotiated. Ornament and structure are fused into one. The combination of computational design and additive manufacturing extends the conventional logic of building and introduces a tectonic assembly in the range of millimeters. Complexity is no longer an obstacle, but rather a potential that needs to be explored – for individual design objects as well as for entire buildings.

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