Swiss Design Engagement

Swiss design sponsorship is thriving. Various partners, by coordinating their funding instruments, are creating new interfaces and networks, thereby strengthening the long-term effectiveness of their commitments. At Design Miami/ Basel 2013, the Federal Office of Culture and the Engagement Migros development fund are presenting their interwoven design sponsorship programs.          

The Swiss Federal Design Competition, organized by the Federal Office of Culture since 1918, has formed a widely recognized platform spotlighting Swiss design talents and annual development grants. Since its inauguration in 2007, the Grand Prix Design annually recognizes selected designers and design studios which have significantly contributed to the reputation of Swiss design at a national and international level.
With Mode Suisse, the Engagement Migros development fund is supporting a fresh initiative for fashion experts that builds the bridge between outstanding collections and the marketplace. The Creative Hub CH set up by Engagement Migros encourages young designers to launch products that have already won awards but are still awaiting market entry.